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The Adolescent Substance Abuse Program (ASAP) has proven itself Arizona's finest treatment program for young people ages 12-18 involved with alcohol and drugs since 1991. In 2016 we proudly celebrated our 25th year. All ASAP programming is based on research proven, "best practices" interventions. Designed by three Phoenix-area psychologists, Dr. Phil Lett, Dr. Mark Rohde and Dr. Curtis Walling, the ASAP intensive outpatient program (IOP) pursues the "real-world" changes in home, family, peer, and school environments that yield lasting sobriety and a vastly improved quality of life for the entire family. The goal of the ASAP IOP Program is to help adolescents and their families re-establish a sober, safe, and mutually supportive relationship. At ASAP we are very proud of our long history of treatment success with teens, and we invite the reader to click on the "Free Resources" page to view dozens of testimonials from ASAP parents.

Active participation is required of both adolescents and their parents. Interventions include comprehensive admission evaluation, drug education, coping skills training, emotional processing, group therapy, multifamily therapy, and urine drug testing. An eclectic treatment model and an eclectic staff are utilized to approach adolescents from many diverse angles. The ASAP Handbook and FAQ's orient adolescents and their parents to the ASAP program. The ASAP Curriculum is utilized as an effective teaching took at all sites, and many ASAP handouts are utilized for growth-oriented homework assignments. Parents are taught techniques for urine drug testing at home that can serve as the best deterrent of ongoing drug use. Outcome studies and satisfaction surveys are regularly conducted to measure treatment success and provide the feedback necessary for continuous quality improvement. All ASAP treatment is research-based and follows "best practices". No smoking is allowed in ASAP facilities,and strict adherence to the highest ethical standards is maintained. ASAP is committed to changing the lives of teens and families!

ASAP contracts with all major private health insurance companies (the one exception is TriCare). ASAP is not an AHCCCS Provider, and ASAP is not contracted with AHCCCS. For admission to the ASAP Program, or for more information, call (602) 434-0249.



The following biographical sketches introduce you to the psychologists who founded the ASAP Program and continue to operate the Program to the present day.

Phillip D. Lett, Ph.D. - Dr. Lett is a licensed psychologist who has been practicing in Phoenix since 1989. He began his career working with children and adolescents in 1978 at a youth rehabilitative services campus. He is the founder of Professional Psychology Associates, PC and Clinical director of the Center for Lifestyle Change, an adult intensive outpatient substance abuse program established in 1989. His interests and specialties include addictive behavior, psychological assessment, neuropsychology, learning disabilities, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorders. Dr. Lett is a member of the National Register of health Service Providers in Psychology, holds a Certificate of Proficiency in Psychoactive Substance Abuse Assessment and Treatment from the American Psychological Association School of Professional Psychology, a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor and Certified Disability Management Specialist. He also holds a certificate of completion meeting all requirements as a Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) as required by Department of Transportation (DOT) 40 CFR Part 40.281 (2).

Curtis Walling, Ph.D. - Dr. Walling is a 4th generation native Arizonan, born and raised in Phoenix. He earned his Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology (Phi Beta Kappa) from the University of Florida in 1987. Dr Walling has worked in private practice since 1987 and completed an APA accredited predoctoral internship at the Boston VA Outpatient Clinic, specializing in the treatment of substance use disorders, adolescents, and developmental disorders. Dr Walling has held past appointments as Director of Psychology at Charter Hospital, Clinical Director at Devereux Arizona, and Director of Outpatient Chemical Dependency at St. Luke's Hospital. Dr Walling currently serves as the Clinical Director of the ASAP Program, overseeing daily operations and providing clinical supervision to all ASAP staff. Dr Walling operates a private practice in Mesa, Arizona, and also serves as the Clinical Director for Project LESS, Learning Effective Sobriety Skills, an IOP CD Program for adults 18 and over in Mesa, Arizona. You will reach Dr Walling directly when you contact ASAP at (602) 434-0249.

Mark Rohde, Ph.D. - Dr. Rohde is a licensed psychologist with Family PsychAssociates, a multi-specialty practice. He has been in practice in Metro Phoenix since 1978 after serving in administrative positions in a community mental health center and a residential treatment center. In addition to his role with ASAP, Dr. Rohde is a principal of BehavoriaLogic, a software development firm, and is Vice-President of, a not-for-profit parent-help organization. He has expertise in the assessment and treatment of addictive disorders, learning difficulties, attention deficits, and a variety of challenges faced by children, adolescents, and families. In addition to individual and family therapy, Dr. Rohde conducts counseling groups for children and teens. Dr. Rohde holds Diplomate status with the American Academy of Assessment Psychology and specialty credentialing from the APA College of Professional Psychology for addictive disorders. His doctorate is from Union Graduate School and he has completed three years of post-graduate training in family systems therapy.

Tyler Davis, Psy.D. - Dr. Davis came to ASAP to complete his predoctoral internship in 2009. After earning his Psy.D. degree from Argosy University in 2012, Dr. Davis accepted the position of ASAP Program Clinical Coordinator. He earned licensure as a psychologist in 2014. As the Clinical Coordinator at ASAP Dr. Davis performs critical assessment, therapy, training, and leadership functions. Dr. Davis conducts all admission interviews to determine eligibility for the ASAP Program. He also serves as the Lead Therapist conducting Parent Night group therapy at both the Paradise Valley and Glendale ASAP locations. In addition to his work at ASAP Dr. Davis operates a private practice in Glendale, Arizona with specialties including psychotherapy and forensic evaluations of teens and families.